We have over 55 years combined riding experience and over 35 years in the repairing of Harley-Davidson™ motorcycles, most of it at the dealership level, we use this passion and experience in all of our services. As our name indicates Knuckleheads are our favorite model and we are very familiar with nearly all of the air-cooled V twins to have come out of Milwaukee since the early 1930s, up to and including the Twin Cam™. Our specialty is the powertrain, however we can and do complete build ups/restorations, maintenance services, repairs, electrical work (including generator rebuilding and testing) on the complete motorcycle. We also have experience with some of the 1953 and earlier Indian’s as well.

Pick-Up Service

We offer a pick-up service for customers with non-operating bikes. Please contact us for details.

Hot Testing/Running

We do hot testing/running on all of our complete rebuild/overhauling of engines.
Below you will find a list of some of our services for most Harley-Davidson V Twin Motorcycles 1930 thru 2013. For all other requests and work on other brands, please contact us with your project details.
  • Fluid Changes
  • Maintenance Services
  • Minor to major repairs
  • Tire replacements
  • Wheel lacing and truing
  • Linkert, S&S, Bendix, both Kehin fixed body and CV, Rivera Super Eliminator carburetor rebuilding
  • Charging system checks and repairs including 6 & 12 volt 2 and 3 brush generator rebuilding, complete generator charging system hot testing on test bench
  • Leak repairs
  • Complete clutch and transmission servicing and rebuilding
  • Bead blasting of parts
  • Partial overhauls all the way to complete engine rebuilding with “Hot testing” of the finished engine with a written guarantee
  • Engine flywheel assembly balancing
  • Parkerizing and cadmium plating of parts available
  • Restoration services