Completed 42 UL

I am still struggling with this technology called the “cloud” guys, I take pictures and save them to my “Cloud” and then I cannot figure out how to send them to this site. That is the primary reason for the delay in my new posts for you all to see. The UL that I have pictured here has […]

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Now that I have the business going and getting the shipping figured out and some of the parts coming in I decided that I had better start putting some of the engines back together, they say it will get warmer than it is now some time this spring. This one is the 42 U that I showed the before […]

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New shop


It has been a long drawn out process, but we are finally getting close, the building inspector came in yesterday and other than for a couple of small things still needing to be done we are there. I have the shop set up for my use and after a lot of walking at the last […]

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1934 84 Cubic inch VLD

I rebuilt this 1934 VLD for a customer in Indiana over 3 years ago, he had bought the bike form somewhere out on the west coast supposedly restored. Well it was freshly painted, but not assembled to well, among many other things the rear wheel was assembled completely incorrectly and the engine fasteners were not […]

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One of the first jobs to be done in the new shop.

We have a 1942 U (Flathead Engine) that is in a motorcycle that was originally purchased by the Philadelphia police department in for a rebuild and restoration, the motorcycle was fitted with a 3 speed only transmission (no reverse). Naturally we cannot rely on the recorded miles on the speedo with a vehicle of this […]

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1934 VL

I have been helping Fred Borchardt of VMB finish up the 1934 VL that the current owner has had in his immediate family since 1935. Yes this is not a misprint, this 80 year old Harley has been in the same family for nearly 80 years and the next future owner is the Grandson. Lots […]

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46 EL

I finally have the 46 EL nearly done that I have been going through lately. This came in as a running/rebuilt engine with around 1,000 mile or less on it. The engine did run when I placed it on the engine test stand, but I found a seal on the crankshaft spinning with the crank […]

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