Panhead 70th Anniversary & Pandemonium Ride

This year we celebrate the 70th Year of the Harley Panhead and to celebrate the Badger Heritage Chapter is riding from Milwaukee WI to Wauseon OH. The celebration starts with the Wild Ones Weekend in Milwaukee at the Harley Davidson Museum and it ends at the Wauseon National Meet in Ohio.


To Register for this event […]

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Brewtown Rumble

The 4th Annual Brew town Rumble is around the corner

June 3rd


The fun starts at the Fuel Cafe at 6:30

(Located on 5th St. Milwaukee WI)

Show start: 11:00-5:00

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Brew Town Rumble

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I finally pulled down my Knuck engine this April after it pretty much being together since the early 198o’s, I had experienced a slight drop in compression in the front cylinder last August and ran the bike out for a additional 300 + miles to the end of the riding season. When I took the […]

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Busy busy busy is about all I can say about this riding season in the new location. With the addition of the new Indian dealership in the building there is often times people checking the overall operations out. I did get to ride my knuckle a few times, the last time was just before the […]

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Sorry about the lack of content lately, The pan is done except for some minor re calibrating of the linkert. It seems that even with all of the parameter’s in line and correct for a M74B on a Panhead this particular carburetor is going rich right off of idle and then clearing out above 2,500 RPM. […]

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More Videos

This is a 1961 Panhead being run for the first time since being rebuilt. No that is not the correct air cleaner/filter we still need one bracket and the cover screw for the correct filter.

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More Videos

Here is another video of the 1942 UL. Sorry about the finger in the way of the picture.

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Recent Videos

Here is a new video of a recently completed  engine in early 2015 a 1942 UL


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61Panhead finished except for the running.

This is the 61 Panhead that came to me in complete, as a rebuilt lower end, with black painted cylinders, a awfull lot was incorrect with it in my opinion. The main crankshaft bearing outer races had worn the crankcase cast in insert from spinning in the case for who knows how long. As a […]

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