Busy busy busy is about all I can say about this riding season in the new location. With the addition of the new Indian dealership in the building there is often times people checking the overall operations out. I did get to ride my knuckle a few times, the last time was just before the Labor day weekend when I participated in a 4 day event called the “Badger Derby” which was put on by the Badger Hertige Chapter of the AMCA and was 3 days of riding of old motorcycles around the southeast and East part of the state. We had over 160 registered motorcycles and another 60 passengers. The oldest bike was a 1919 Excelsior and the second oldest to participate was a 1920 Indian. There were very few failures considering the age of most all of the bikes, a fun time for nearly all. then it was time for the Davenport Swapmeet. Getting up early and riding down and searching the vendors for parts, visiting with them and other shoppers. Watched a couple of heat races in the heat 95+ degrees once again and then ride on back home that night. Do the Milwaukee rally with my significant other over the weekend. Between the services that Rob Schopf and 2 Boss Performance offers along with a in house dynojet chassis dynamometer the 2 Boss side is keeping busy and on my side with the rebuilding/restoration/repair services I do we can take on most any type of job with a Harley Davidson/Indian motorcycle. Soon to be on the 2 boss side will be a in house Harley Davidson late model computer diagnostic tool for use with the late bikes, while I have the diagnostic equipment for the earlier Harley Davidson EFI systems. With some hold overs from last year yet to complete, I have started to take on/in some winter work with more calls coming in daily. I am using a new Windows 10 system in this computer as My old one with windows 7 crashed for good and I had to replace it, so the pictures will be slow in coming until I figure out how to do it in either Windows 8 or this new system, see ya later and enjoy the warm weather while we still have it.