Sorry about the lack of content lately, The pan is done except for some minor re calibrating of the linkert. It seems that even with all of the parameter’s in line and correct for a M74B on a Panhead this particular carburetor is going rich right off of idle and then clearing out above 2,500 RPM. I tried a couple of changes and it is leading me to down size the main jet about .004-.006 from the stock size, .002 smaller did help, but not enough. I will address that soon. I did get a 82 FLH done, running and gone sorry about the lack of pic’s. The 42 G is now on the stand completed, I just have to get it started and run in. I did encounter a odd situation with a 94 Evo this week, a stock engine with a broken cam gear “one tooth”. WTF how in the hell can a stock cam/engine encounter something like this. The bike was running, then it started to run poorly and when it was shut off it would not re start. Had gas, had spark, had compression but would not start up and run. I did get it to start up and run, and what/how I did it led me to the cam gear problem. For now I will let you think about it, but here is the cam.


The next posting should contain the 45 running, this past weekend was the swap meet in Oley and from what I have seen posted it was cold on Thursday, Friday and got much better today on Saturday. There was also a swap meet in Texas at the Texas motor speedway put on by the Cherokee chapter of the AMCA. The next big one is in Denton NC mid May.