This is the 61 Panhead that came to me in complete, as a rebuilt lower end, with black painted cylinders, a awfull lot was incorrect with it in my opinion. The main crankshaft bearing outer races had worn the crankcase cast in insert from spinning in the case for who knows how long. As a result the crankshaft was not laying parallel in the cases, and the last rebuilder had simply loctited the outer bearing braces in the case’s. This was only one of the problems, the distributor drive shaft was bent and as a result the dual point distributor was not timed correctly because the gear/shaft was bent so the gear would not slide down and mesh with the drive gear. I just happened to of had a complete NOS dual point distributor laying around, it now has a home. I have the oiling system updated a bit in order to help this one last, it turned out pretty damn good after it was all said and done. Next up will be the running of this one and then the 45″ which is close to completion, stay tuned…..

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