Now that I have the business going and getting the shipping figured out and some of the parts coming in I decided that I had better start putting some of the engines back together, they say it will get warmer than it is now some time this spring. This one is the 42 U that I showed the before and after on the cases earlier on. It originally was a police bike and with the wear on many of the parts I have found, it had run for many many miles. The request is for a restoration to be done which is to make it appear as it would have been when it was made back in 1942. With WWII taking place some of the parts that had been painted or finished in aluminum were now being painted white. When this came in it had come out of a bike that had chrome plated parts on it. I for one think that there is nothing better lookin than a “Chromed Hawg”, but that is not the current trend. We are better off replacing than trying to strip the chrome off of many of the parts, the pressure oil pump was chromed and the plating hid some of the problems with it so I took the re assembly about as far as I can yesterday until these parts are located or we re furbish them.    The pressure setting spring in the pump had been turned in about as far as it could of in the past I found when I tore it down in a attempt to raise the pressure, also. the oil pump body is rough and wore where the vanes rub and seal against and the bypass valve was stuck open. It will be easier locating a OE replacement oil pump than re working this one, but it could be done if it has to be. Stay warm and check on back later to see the completion of this one, I will be on to a WL next and then a Panhead then either a Knucklehead or another Big twin Flatty.    Mikey


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