I finally have the 46 EL nearly done that I have been going through lately. This came in as a running/rebuilt engine with around 1,000 mile or less on it. The engine did run when I placed it on the engine test stand, but I found a seal on the crankshaft spinning with the crank when the engine was running rather than “tight” in the crankcase.

I also saw a “governor” of sorts or limiter on the throttle lever on the carburetor. The chrome was old and flaking off on some of the parts, certainly not “fresh looking”. Because we also had the frame in to be checked out “bent” the customer asked that I take the engine apart and check it out. Both piston’s were scored, the valves were extremely loose in the valve guides. The rear exhaust guide was completely loose in the head with about .003 clearance to the head, the valve to guide clearance was .010.

Ok the pistons are shot, the heads junk, what about the crankshaft. The crankshaft had the left sprocket shaft .007 out of true, the bearing fits were on the tight side and the bearings on the sprocket shaft were a “gold” in color, indicating heat build up. The severe shaft run out was probably why the seal was loose in the case and spinning with the shaft as the engine ran. If that seal had spun long enough and worn the retaining ring out from spinning up against it, I am sure that the bearings would have come out of the engine and the crankshaft would have dropped and destroyed the cases.

Below are pictures of the engine before I started on it and some pictures you have seen of some of the parts as I was going through the engine all the way to the completed engine.


46 EL Before



46 EL After