1934-vl-2I have been helping Fred Borchardt of VMB finish up the 1934 VL that the current owner has had in his immediate family since 1935. Yes this is not a misprint, this 80 year old Harley has been in the same family for nearly 80 years and the next future owner is the Grandson. Lots of family history here with this one, it is very seldom that you get the opportunity to work with/on a project like this anymore.

The bike has been restored to as nearly exactly as it was made for the Milwaukee Police Department as a “spare unit” to be used when a “regular unit” was in for repairs is the story on this one. You will note in the pictures after I had completed the engine that the cylinders and the heads are silver, not the more common black, most Harley’s were painted, and it is correct for this bike. When I removed the rust chemically and dirt from the cylinders I did find silver on them, not black.

First or actually second owner had placed a few “accessories” on the motorcycle while he owned it and his son the current owner wanted the bike as close as possible to the way it was when he received it from his dad. We have the colors, the striping copied exactly as it was originally painted, the striping is not as the Harley Davidson Dealer letter in 1935 states you would get when you ordered a “paint set” from the factory, it is as it was done in 1934.

1934-vl-2You will see some additional “chrome” and the accessory “Dice” on the shifter and the ignition and lighting keys. I was able to find the shifter in Canada after much searching that had a similar “patina” to the key’s. Of course it was not useable when I received it, but I was able to install a brass insert in the knob that will not strip out as was common and was the case with this one.

The motorcycle runs and operates as well as it looks. It will have decals applied very soon and the bike will be mated to a 1934 sidecar that was on this bike from as early as the late 30’s from what we were told. The bike has not been on the roads since the mid 1960’s, I am partial here but I think it turned out very well.