Welcome to Knucklehead Motorworks, LLC.

Our mission is to provide our customers with Quality Motorcycle and Engine Blueprinting Services to restore the operation of their motorcycles to a like new condition. We feel that through our unique services we will further enhance the Pride and experience of owning and riding a part of the early American Motorcycling history.

We have over 55 years combined riding experience and over 35 years in the repairing of Harley-Davidson™ motorcycles, most of it at the dealership level, we use this passion and experience in all of our services.

Services Offered

  • Fluid Changes
  • Maintenance Services
  • Minor to major repairs
  • Tire replacements
  • Wheel lacing and truing
  • Leak repairs
  • Engine flywheel assembly balancing
  • Restoration services
  • Complete clutch and transmission servicing and rebuilding
  • Bead blasting of parts
  • Linkert, S&S, Bendix, both Kehin fixed body and CV, Rivera Super Eliminator carburetor rebuilding
  • Charging system checks and repairs including 6 & 12 volt 2 and 3 brush generator rebuilding, complete generator charging system hot testing on test bench
  • Partial overhauls all the way to complete engine rebuilding with “Hot testing” of the finished engine with a written guarantee
  • Parkerizing and cadmium plating of parts available
Contact Us

For all other requests and work on other brands, please contact us.

Contact Us

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